Friday, December 10, 2010

Last Minute Hello

Hi--I hear that oif you want to use a luggage caddie in Toulouse Airport, you need a euro coin for the machine BEFORE you get anywhere else, so you might pick up a few euros at LAX.  See you! Jane

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Please check your email from Euro-American re our boarding passes

Hi All,

The Euro American email we received today gives us the ticket number we need for the departure from LAX. PLease arrive at Terminal 2, KLM desk about 1:45 pm on Dec. 10 (Friday).  You can use the ticket number for the ticketing machine.

When you look at the ticket, it looks as if it's for Olivia Hayes--she is the staff member who made the reservations. Don't worry. See you soon!

Backpack anyone??

Hi All,
EuroAmerican just sent me a box of light backpacks--orange and blacka rather like Hallowe'en--but they are nice.  They would provide each of us with an extra bag to pack for acquisitions we make in France.  Now how to get them to you is the question.

If you tell me you want one in Comments here, I will bring one for you to the airport on Friday the 10th. If you do not say anything, I will not bring one for you:) and you can have it when you return, how's that?

Information on departure Dec. 10th

Hi All, Thanks for our patience on boarding info.  Today EuroAmerican will email each of you the ticket/boarding numbers you will need to depart. I will also post the numbers here on the blog for safekeeping:)

You need to arrive 2-2 1/2 hours before take-off at 4:15--so about 2:00 pm would be fine.  Go to Terminal 2 at LAX  and proceed to the KLM desk. You can be ticketed by machine with the ticket number and identification. Then we get to go through the body scanner and TSA gropers.
Can you charge you ipods, etc on the plane?  We do not know, but will have to ask at the KLM desk that day--come with devices fully charged, and we will find out about the plane at LAX.

Any more questions?  Remember it is between 47-50 degrees in southern France in the daytime, so dress warmly. Nights may dip into the high 30s-nippy!  Euro-American is sending one of their travel coordinators, Marsha, to meet at Toulouse airport and help to get us settled and "dinnered."

More later,

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

alert on boarding information

Hi All, I am urgently awaiting the information about boarding passes/numbers so we know what we will be doing on the 10th.  Stay tuned -I will post this when I receive it from Euro-American tomorrow. Jane

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I need your help re travel study course

Hi All,

I have heard from most of you about your registration in the course.  However, I need to report this to Registrar's soon, so please respond as a comment below.  I think I know the people who are not taking the course for credit, and that's fine. You do not need to respond. 

Those who will take the course for credit, please respond (in comments) so I get it right.  Thanks.

Name   Grad or Undergrad?  Spring or Fall? English of History?